We want to move forward with our lives!


One Monday morning, I received an unexpected call from a good friend.


His voice, full of concern, told me:


“Hello Alexis, I’m calling to tell you something difficult. Yesterday, my in-laws,


to whom I have great affection, they informed us that unfortunately they have decided


to divorce.


Additionally, they have made the difficult decision to sell their home.


“We need your help to manage the sale in the midst of this delicate situation.”


With the contact in hand, I coordinated a meeting with Adriana and Marcelo,


the couple in question, to get to know them and understand how I could provide them with my support.


When I arrived at their home, they welcomed me with faces that reflected the weight of the


moments they were living. I listened to them with great attention and empathy,


aware of the pain and uncertainty that accompanied his decision.


They told me their needs, their desires, and the fears they now faced.


With serenity, I explained the steps to follow,


the possible situations that could arise and I warned them that,


When the time came to move forward with a


sale offer, it would be a considerable emotional challenge.


Despite the differences that had led them


At this crossroads, Adriana and Marcelo felt a spark


of relief knowing that they had a trusted professional who would accompany them in


this sales process.


It’s been a few months since we put the house on the market.


Finally, the day arrived for the deed of sale.


With the procedures completed and the payment received, Adriana and Marcelo said goodbye to me.


His eyes reflected a mixture of joy and sadness. With a grateful smile, I


They said: “Thank you very much, Alexis, for your work. We will be eternally grateful for


help us move forward with our lives.”


We feel deeply grateful to Adriana and Marcelo for trusting our team during difficult moments. It is an honor.