Since he was little, Martín was taught that making mistakes,


having low grades and


making mistakes, were the path by which,


he was never supposed to travel.


Learn from the Best Students, they told him,


whose qualifications

are high,


They receive prizes and

applauses at the most important events.


This way you will have your future assured, Martín; whispered

all those who surrounded and educated him.


And since Martín was small,


He grew up believing all this Trash.


Martín was now an adult, and he found every day,

friends, acquaintances


and old schoolmates,


who had achieved their material dreams,


and managed to build beautiful families,


although during his childhood


had been the WORST, according to the Metrics,

of formal education.


Martín recalled that these supposed Bad Students,

received the worst grades, some failed,

and their forecasts for the future were gloomy and

with almost assured failure.


What a bunch of bullsh… they have taught us, and continue to teach us, Martín thought!


Look around you, and observe if those who have achieved their dreams


have been ONLY the supposed good students

from school, or


the best averages at the university.


Nothing further from reality!!


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